Development and implementation of an Integrated Road Safety System for the Road Safety Coordination and Monitoring Unit of the Basilicata Region.

The Optimized Management of the Road Inventory

The Regional Council of Basilicata approved the project for the establishment of a Regional Unit for the Road Safety Coordination and Monitoring (CReMSS). 

RegioneBasilicata invitoThe project will be officially presented on Thursday 21 April, with the assistance of SITECO, at Inguscio Hall, Basilicata Region, Via V. Verrastro, 9, Potenza

The project developed in compliance with the National Road Safety Plan, meets the following requirements: 

  • Data collection and monitoring, processing of the available information on the accident rate status, identification of the intervention priorities according to the indications provided by the various provinces and municipalities;
  • Coordination, technical support and training of technicians operating in the field of road safety, to
    guarantee the alignment to quality standards and common operating procedures;
  • Identification of the technical supports useful for the regional administration to manage road safety;
  • Information to the citizens and training in the schools on road safety in order to implement a sustainable mobility that can ensure a greater safety level.

RegioneBasilicata animated The Environment and Land Department, together with the Public Works Infrastructure and Transportation department issued a tender for the development and implementation of an integrated Road Information System for the detection of the road accidents and their georeferencing, the creation of a road inventory through the survey of part of the provincial road network, including mobility inspections and studies. This system was called in short "Integrated Road Safety System". 

The Regional Transport Office managed the Technical Project of the integrated system, as well as the project execution.  The  activities carried out requested the collaboration of the following:

  • Provinces of Potenza and Matera;
  • The National Road Administration (ANAS), managing all the national roads, motorways links and highways in the Basilicata Region;
  • The national military police (Carabinieri) and the road police, for the support activities, and in particular for conducting the interviews on the road;
  • Service Management Companies for the automotive and railway local public transport;
  • The territorial headoffices and the regional office of the National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) for the Basilicata Region, providing the data acquisition related to accident rate in Basilicata and the data relating to the systematic movements in this region;
  • The Regional Statistical Office.


Additional activities to be implemented with the CReMSS Unit

Through the CReMSS Unit,  the Region intends to increase awareness and knowledge on road safety through a number of activities that can be briefly summarized as follows:

  • Technical activities of study and coordination to increase awareness on road safety;
  • Preparation and organization of information campaigns addressed to particular road users (young people, bikers, etc.) or focused on certain risk behaviors (seat belt use, helmet use for motorcyclists, compliance with speed limits, use of alcohol, etc.);
  • Organisation of initiatives aiming at promoting virtuous behavior related to the use of passive and active protections and respect of the rules for a proper conduct on the road;
  • Issue and distribution of periodic detailed reports on the accident rate status.

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 RegioneBasilicata  news 1

Figure 1 - Representation map and traffic flows

 RegioneBasilicata news 2

Figure 2 - Information on accidents and events

 RegioneBasilicata news 4

Figure 3 - Information layers of the map representations

  RegioneBasilicata news 3

Figure 4 - The road inventory







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